Reiki for children

Reiki for Children

Children love Reiki! They are very receptive to Reiki energy and need a bit shorter treatments than adults. 

Reiki is so simple that it makes it very easy for children to learn. 

There are so many benefits! 

School life can be so stressful for children nowadays from their early age with all the tests and exams and standards changing every year. 

Reiki will help to heal the fears and anxieties and promote the feeling of safety and calmness. It helps children to be more healthy and balanced; and if they get ill, they recover much quicker! 

Reiki helps children with self-confidence and communication with others. 

It also improves their learning abilities and memory.  

Mrs Takata recommended for children to learn Reiki from 5 years of age

The youngest child I initiated was 9 years old. It was a beautiful Reiki class when mother and daughter were there together, and daughter's first experience of giving a Reiki treatment was with her mother. 

Powerful stuff!

"A deep, powerful healer and a beautiful soul! This is Olga!
Thank you so much for teaching me and my daughter (9 years old) this amazing power of healing. With you I discovered a beautiful path of my life! Thank you Olga!"