Reiki for Pets

Pets love Reiki. They are very receptive and so quickly get relaxed under a Reiki practitioner's hands. Pets usually let us give them just as much Reiki as they want. 

Sometimes when pets are in pain or feeling anxious it is not easy to do a hands-on treatment, so sending a distant Reiki healing works just as well.  ​​

​You can treat your pets with Reiki not only for all kinds of health conditions but also for behavioral issues

Full Reiki treatment (hands-on or distant) for your pet is £30 to £45 depending on your pet's size plus my travel expenses if applicable. 

Three or four consecutive Reiki treatments are £25 to £40 for each treatment. 

Please note that for a hands-on pet treatment I will come to your place. All animals feel more relaxed in their own home.  

My dog Betty gets her portion of Reiki

My dog Betty gets her portion of Reiki

Our dog Betty's life was saved several times only because of Reiki.

She is 12 years old and for the last three years lives with a few health conditions including severe diabetes. She has also been blind for two years.

Every day she gets a good dose of Reiki.

When it comes to a bad time, we would ask our friends from all over the world to send her distant Reiki healing

This way, Betty would normally receive Reiki from at least three-four different countries.

All our friends love her and are always happy to help.

Betty usually goes to a very deep sleep while receiving.

After 2-3 days of distant healing she comes back to normal until the next time. 

She is a very lucky girl!