I just wanted to thank you (Olga) and Martin again for all the work you did on and with me when you were with us. It was amazing – I have never experienced anything like that on myself and I really do feel released from those emotional ties now. I feel lighter, happier, freer… I am laughing and joking so much more. Even my husband has commented – he said he hadn’t realised how burdened I’d felt by it all or how flat I’d gradually become, but he is very glad to have the old me back again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


A deep, powerful healer and a beautiful soul! This is Olga!
Thank you so much for teaching me and my daughter (9 years old) this amazing power of healing. With you I discovered a beautiful path of my life! Thank you Olga!

When student is ready, the teacher appears; Olga came to my life when I absolutely needed her the most. I had tried and tested medical practices and they had failed, so I went in search of holistic treatment. With Reiki treatment from Olga, I was blessed with a child despite suffering from endometriosis and having a medical diagnosis of never being able to conceive a child. Olga is highly intuitive healer, who deeply cares about her clients and goes out of her way to truly support them and their family through the period of change. Her intuition and reading is spot on! For anyone who is really serious and committed about healing your health and emotional issues, I would highly recommend you reach out to Olga. Thank you Olga for bringing Reiki to my life.

Thank you Olga for coming into my life at just the right time and for everything you have knowingly done for me, unknowingly done for me and for all the experiences you have given me that are helping me in ways that I have always wanted but have never known how to achieve. I cannot put into words how special and magical I believe you are. Tonight for the first time, I think I felt what it was like to truly have love for myself and that's something I have always been searching for. I love you.

Dear Olga, You won’t remember me, but I remember you very well! In September 2015, I was in Stanmore Hospital waiting for surgery to remove a large tumour on my arm. A young woman from TDF came round the ward offering us a choice of 3 free 15 minute alternative therapies. It was you. I had never had Reiki, so chose that - and it worked wonders! I had felt agitated and anxious beforehand, but after your treatment I felt wonderfully calm. And my operation, which wasn’t until that evening, went extremely well – far better than either I or the  doctors had expected – and I attribute some of that success to you! 

Olga is not only a great Reiki Master but also a powerful Shamanic Healer. She is very much in touch with the spirit world and can translate useful information for her clients' healing journey. I have benefited significantly from Olga's treatments and shares and would recommend anyone to consider visiting Olga at least once in their lifetimes. I have also attended a few Native American ceremonies like a Sweat Lodge and benefited from the same.

Reiki has changed my life for the better thanks to being initiated into Reiki 1 and 2 by Olga. Olga is kind, friendly and will immediately put you at ease. If you’re ready to embark on your Reiki journey, try Reiki with Olga!

This is Reiki that opens the doors to a world of spiritual dimensions, Reiki with Native American wisdom. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an alternative and holistic form of healing in the hustle and bustle of this busy world.

I went to see Olga for a treatment in December 2016, I was in a lot of pain for a few days due to gynaecological problems, stress and anxiety and at some point after reading a book about it Reiki seemed the only resource to end that pain. I let my intuition guide me to her and it was the best thing I have ever done! It was so good that I am her student now, I did with her Reiki Level 1&2 and since that day she is my Master, my guide. She is kind, loving, a great healer and will always do the best for you. It doesn't matter if you want one treatment, a series of treatments or start your own Reiki journey, the calmness of her home and her wisdom will embrace you and will make you want her to be a part of your life. Her Reiki is traditional and something that you will rarely find in Holistic centres or schools. I will always be grateful to her and even now that I am traveling I always bring her in my heart. On top of that she is a Shamanic Healer and I went with her to a Drumming Circle, there are no words to describe the experience and not enough words to describe her. So powerful! I definitely recommend her 100%!!!

I went to Olga to try Reiki while being devastated and I must admit I felt like a different person after a treatment with her. I also did Level 1 initiation and now I can treat myself; Reiki shares with Olga are also a very nice, calming experience. Olga Sampson, thanks for being supportive and changing my life!

Olga is a fantastic person and wonderful teacher. I loved my Reiki level one course and the Reiki shares that followed. Olga has a spiritual depth, connection and understanding that set her far above the rest. Full of Love and warmth, she is an inspiration!

I met Olga for my first ever Reiki session at the beginning of last year. I instantly felt a connection and Olga’s incredible energy. I have subsequently enjoyed many Reiki sessions with Olga and have also learned how to practice Reiki myself. I cannot recommend Olga highly enough to anyone wanting to experience the power of Reiki from someone truly authentic.

Olga taught me Reiki 1 and 2. I learned 1&2 before many years ago with another teacher but never managed to use Reiki for my own healing. Now I am amazed how powerful it is. It has really become part of my life, thanks to Olga. She is a very intuitive healer and has a deep interest in her clients and students. It is true, she has created something like a Reiki family. Thank you, Olga!

Thank you Olga for the amazing journey I had with you, I'm very pleased I chose you to teach me Reiki, you gave me all guidance and help I've needed and always been there for me.

Treatment with Olga is a highly relaxing and pleasant experience. You will leave with plenty of energy and ideas on resolving your issues.

I've seen Olga a few times now and she has helped me hugely. I seeked a natural treatment after a big surgery to aid recovery and felt instantly at peace with Olga. More importantly it helped me to reconnect with myself. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Olga as in my opinion you couldn't ask for a more professional caring and intuitive master of Reiki.

Thank you for the great lessons. You are a wonderful teacher and I was able to learn many new things about myself.

I did my beginning Reiki training with Olga and also have attended a few shares and a nice American Indian ceremony. Olga has a good Reiki lineage and is a very intuitive teacher. Highly recommended

I heard the word ‘Reiki’ but never knew what it was. I was commuting via the London Underground train on my way to work. My stop was next – Angel, the doors opened but my legs wouldn’t move. I looked at them – then the doors knowing I only had seconds before they would close and tried again; no avail. I didn’t understand what was going on and knew I was going to be late for work. The following stop – Old Street – release, my legs where unshackled and allowed me to get up. I did, made my way out of the station and called my boss and explained that I wasn’t going to go in on that day. The day prior, despite much efforts on my part a manger of mine and basically told me off. He was off for a week and hadn’t been around to see what I had (or hadn’t) been doing yet – he told me off for my lack of productivity. With the day off, I came home and typed “Reiki” in google. As I live in North London, Olga’s details appeared. I called “Hi, I want a Reiki massage”. She replied: “Reiki isn’t a massage”, “it is touched based however it’s a healing treatment”. The most important thing Olga gave me on this phone call was Time, unconditional listening and her experience. We had the session that day and it changed my life – I got up after it and exclaimed “I need to hand in my notice”. What I realised during the session was a goal that I had set two years earlier. I got a new job in a matter of weeks and my life changed immediately after my session.

​​I had one session with Olga and within a two weeks I took my first Reiki level... need I say more... and on top lovely lady too!

Olga is an incredible Reiki master and teacher. I first met her when looking for someone to give me a treatment in London and it was the best treatment I have had. She took the time to talk to me and find out what I knew about the practice and why I wanted a treatment and it felt like she was genuinely interested in me as a person. We bonded so easily and I knew that Olga was the right person to teach me level one, which I recently completed. Olga, without knowing it, has helped me understand certain parts of myself better and it felt very special to be taught by her. I will be going back to her when the time is right for my second level Reiki and I can't wait to learn even more from her.

Accepting and loving environment.. Helped a lot when going through hard times. 

Dear Olga,
Your article in the latest edition of ‘Touch’ was truly amazing.
  Honest, healing, real and inspirational.
It incorporated all of the five principles and just shows what you can achieve when you surrender to the transformational power of Reiki. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Olga is a great person and also an intuitive healer!
If you are interested in Reiki look no further!
Thank you for everything Olga

Olga, I can't tell you how amazing the Sweat Lodge and subsequent Reiki treatments were. I feel soooo good... almost as good as new. Even when I'm stressed, I can re-centre quickly and bathe in the light!!! The best thing is, it's as if you and Martin and Don and Anneli and the grandmothers are with me. It's kind of like being wrapped in a comfort blanket of faith and love.
I really can't thank you all enough. 

Hi Olga, ...your life's journey with Reiki was a fascinating read... it seems that you have gone through more trauma in your childhood than I did.  However, the magnificence of Reiki to turn everything into such a positive outcome can be seen glowing from your article...

Hi Olga, I just had to write to you having just read your Article in Touch.  Wow thank you so very much for sharing your story. Inspirational and a tribute to the power of Reiki to effect change! I know your story will help one of my students in particular and I look forward to sharing it with her.  My hands are charging with Reiki as I type - I am sure I will not be the only one moved and empowered by your sharing.

Initially I was sceptical about Reiki when Olga suggested that I do one treatment with her. I fell very calm and serene afterwards and decided to go ahead and be initiated. I have been attending Reiki share sessions ever since and every treatment brings me back to the balance very much needed in everyday life.

Thank you, Olga, for supporting my healing juorney in such a loving way! I'm lucky to have you as my Reiki Master.

Hi Olga, ...a lot has changed since doing Reiki 2! I did Reiki 2 on 31st May then in August I decided I wanted to give up alcohol and live a healthier lifestyle. I had a realisation that anything negative that has happened in my life has been to do with alcohol and that if I remove it life would be better and easier. Now it's been 21 days since drinking. I would like to not drink ever again really and I think that will happen... I've felt a lot more confident at work and have been drinking lemon and water every day since August and making healthy smoothies!

I want to say thank you to Olga Sampson for great lesson, understanding, positive energy she gave me. Initiation was amazing experience which I will never forget about. Such a great energy in your hands. Really works. I'm grateful for everything. Love your dog as well. I recommend you to everybody who like to learn Reiki -Olga is the best person!

Thank you, Olga, for offering your home and your heart. I feel grateful to share Reiki with you and the other beautiful people, I felt at home from the beginning. This is the kind of love that goes with my Reiki concept.
Love, Elvi

Reiki has been great and has increased my intuition and spiritual experiences too. I joined a fortnightly mediumship development circle at my local spiritualist church, and the leader said I have to turn up every time or it will disrupt the energy of the circle.. 
I found out the other day that my brother went quite downhill with his addiction so I sent Reiki to the situation and met up with him and he finally admitted he needs help and told me everything. We're finally talking about stuff and where in the past he used to refuse to talk to me. He said going cold turkey was so much easier this time and he didn't even take any medication for it and he's agreed to address his issues - which I think is a lot down to Reiki! 
Thank you Olga for bringing Reiki into my life!

Reiki seems to be bringing along a powerful shift.