Reiki Share is a gathering of people who have been initiated to Reiki where each person gets a treatment from all the participants. You will have a lot of lovely warm Reiki hands on you at once! 

It does not matter what level of Reiki you have, whether you are a Reiki Master, have 2nd level or just 1st level - all are welcome!

Traditionally Reiki shares are organised by Reiki Masters to support their students, but anyone can facilitate a share if they have a space and would like to support a Reiki community. 

The way we run our shares is very informal. We always have some tea, cakes and biscuits, lots of catching up and laughter.

It is a great opportunity for Reiki students to share their experiences, to find some answers to their questions and gain confidence in their practice. 

Usually we have shares monthly: evenings are from 7 pm to 9-30 pm, mornings are from 11 am to 2 pm . 

Most of the time they will be around some astrological events like a Full Moon when the healing energy is particularly strong. 

Our Reiki shares are open to all our students and those who are invited.

​We ask for a donation of £10 to attend.


Saturday, 25th January, 11am to 1-30pm

Saturday, 7th March, 11am to 1-30pm